DEPAVE! BijBinnenhofpark

With the art project BijBinnenhofpark the city of The Hague has acquired a mini park (50x50cm) of world class; because what other city can rely on the status of city with the smallest official park? This miniature monument aims to highlight the importance of drainage of storm water and heat in the city to its residents and government. The park was opened on November 19, 2016 by Alderman Joris Wijsmuller (The Hague), Garmt Arbouw (I & M) and forester Erik Evers (park Sorghvliet). Singer/Songwriter Collective RAPPAILLE performed with an adapted repertoire for the occasion. Also LfM Pop-Up Cinema presented the premiere of the film ONTTEGEL !, in which we share innovative water projects and knowledge gained in The Hague and Portland, Oregon (photos Marc Heeman)

Research has shown that The Hague has the warmest city centre of the Netherlands! Which might may seem quite nice, but it certainly is not, especially for the health of children and the elderly. Solving this 'heat-island' effect can very easily be addressed by removing pavement and greening the city.

Uitnodiging ONTTEGEL! klein.jpg