the 'Aquatic Microclimate Experience'

The Laboratory for Microclimates created the 'Aquatic Microclimate Experience' for the 7th edition of Yatoo's Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2016. The art installations is sited on the Geumgang river near the city of Gongju in South Korea. At a time when Islands in the Pacific Ocean are slowly disappearing the Laboratory for Microclimates have responded by developing a thematic art installation. It is a creative experiment of dealing with the effects of global warming and the effects of rising sea levels world wide.  The installation at the Geumgang river park can be visited until end of November.

In the Geumgang river two new biotopes are realised. The panorama of the river is obscured by a white wall. There are four rectangular holes cut into the wall to provide a view of the islands from a distance. The cameras on the islands provide the opportunity to have a detailed look at these floating microclimates, each containing a specific biotope. One island contains a forest, a small pond and luscious vegetation. The other is a desert landscape with a typical desert climate. The islands are a test ground enabling us to put the climate in general into a new perspective and also to observe which flora and fauna will inhabit these landscapes.

Construction and installation of the 'Aquatic Microclimate Experience' in Gongju, South-Korea;