Film Sand view, pop-up cinema CineMare, Zandmotor, Kijkduin, The Netherlands

On September 22, 2015 the Laboratory for Microclimates in cooperation with the Satellietgroep presented its outdoor cinema CineMare on the Sand Motor Kijkduin. LfM Climate Rescue Unit was transformed into the 'LfM Pop-Up Cinema'. After a long period of research LfM decided to approach the Sand Engine from the North Sea perspective. During the swim of 4 km around the Sand Engine Annechien was equipped with a body-cam and made film recordings for Sand View and Gert-Jan filmed the above water perspective from the accompanying lifeboat;

On the day of the presentation at first started out as a sunny autumn afternoon, but soon dark rain clouds packed above the Zandmotor with nowhere to hide ...

Before screening began, visitors could enjoy soup served by Weed-comber Jonmar van Vlijmen and prepared from ingredients found along the coast. The sea rescue team of Ter Heijde were among the honorary guests! Annechien came in the final performance in a wet-suit from the sea and did a life narration of the film.

Prior to the production of Sand View LfM did research on the Zandmotor (Sand Engine) for months. We investigated the wind-dune formations and stimulation of pioneer plants that can settle on this artificial peninsula. A proposal was made using materials from the coast which can be used to stimulate the formation of dunes on the Zandmotor.