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Art project Microclimate Heat Shelter was placed at various locations in Athens. A cooling, mobile room of sheepwool with water-evaporating curtains for the Athens Biennale.

In the by typhoons devastated landscape of the Chenglong Wetlands we created the Microclimatic Lifeline, a path towards a sustainable and greener future. The art-installation is made by bamboo, rope and algae.

Visit of LfM to National Parks in NL for workshop in the context of the 'National Park of World Class' competition commissioned by the State Forestry / Ministry of Economic Affairs.


ONTTEGEL! is a documentary/road movie in which we research and share innovative water projects and knowledge gained in The Hague and Portland U.S. We experienced and filmed the effects of climate change (severe drought and extreme rainfall) during this research trip. Discoveries in Portland were forinstance. bios wales, rainwater filtration gardens, sometimes combined with art, applications to remove excess surface water in heavy rain periods.


A Growing Exchange

A Growing Exchange (original UK version)

from CulturAllTV / Gerlach film & TV ? ALL AUDIENCES

In this documentary about the art project "A Growing Exchange" we follow artists Annechien Meier and Alex Wild on their research about the role of artists in urban farming projects. Their research took 3 years and was done in both The Hague, Holland and Glasgow, Scotland. The interviews they made during their extensive research are the basis for this documentary. Additional filming, direction and post-production by Gert-Jan Gerlach.

A Growing Exchange

Artists Alex Wilde (Scotland) and Annechien Meier (Netherlands) have been working together since 2011 on their project A Growing Exchange. This collaboration has resulted in a documentary that explores the influence of political, social and spatial development of urban agriculture in Glasgow and The Hague and the consequences and effects on both cities and their inhabitants. The documentary focuses on the role of artists in urban agriculture projects, how they function in this situation and how they deal with the responsibility to solve social and economic problems? The documentary was produced in collaboration with filmmaker Gert-Jan Gerlach (CulturAllTV) based in The Hague and is supported by the CCA, Glasgow, Stroom Den Haag and Fonds 1818.

The State of our Climate
The documentary portraits the LfM art project regarding the effects of climate change in the city of Arnhem using the results of Future Cities. In addition to reporting on the establishment and implementation of the art project, climate experts, promoters and residents are interviewed about the consequences, the experiences and possible measures in relation to climate change now and in the near future.

Climate Meters were handed out to the public during the opening and presentation of the Laboratory of Microclimates on March 2014. Climate meters are still available in exchange for a contribution to the Microclimates Laboratory (on request)

Workshop International School The Hague.

The aim of the workshop was to make students aware of their environment in general and that of nature and science in particular by exploring and realisation of a microclimate as a researcher in the near vicinity of the school. Where do plants grow well and why? Where can we find shade or sunshine? We explore the region with a new look (literally trough 'laboratory glasses') so everyday natural and scientific phenomena will become visible.


April 2013 The Laboratory was invited by FLACC Workplace for Visual Artists in the Termien district in Genk, Belgium. Termien lent itself perfectly for a laboratory examination because the green surroundings and industrial plants are united within it. Near the 'De Maten' nature reserve investigation was doneby students of the primary school to collect, photograph and film microclimates.At the school we did measurements that had to do with the climate, such as measuring temperature, rain and wind. Then we researched fpr a climatically suitable place to build the microclimate artwork; a collection of 21 small microclimates. Short teaser GENK: