Good Food Microclimates, Expo Milano 2015

During the Expo Milano 2015 we explored the best locations for Good Food Microclimates in the city of Milan by questioning visitors about the weather-, spatial-, environmental- and social conditions. With this information we created special map that will be presented by the Dutch Consul, Mr de Waal to the municipality of Milan after the Expo exhibition period. Please join and help us making Milano even more beautifull and healthy and add your location at the map below. You can add your location until November 1st.

How does it work? Open the map, click on the 'drop' marker in toolbar at the top of the page, drag the  '+', and place this onto the desired location, click again and then you can title or add url to a desired website. Thank you for your contribution!

At the Milan EXPO 2015 we presented two art projects: the ‘Climate Rescue Unit’ & 'Good Food Landscape' 
The Climate Rescue Unit trailer includes film, information and specialised tools for professional climate rescue operations; during the Milan Expo 2015 the unit was used to inform and assist visitors with the mapping of the Good Food Microclimates.

Inside the Laboratory Jeep The 'Good Food Landscape' was displayed with a custom LED lighting system (Lemnis Oreon) and a micro-landscape with herb- and vegetable sprouts(Koppert Cress).

Last day at the expo: we started our campaign: Save the veggies!  We shared the harvest of herb- and vegetable sprouts from the Good Food Landscape with hundreds of Italian and International visitors of the EXPO!

Oct 2th, Oct 2, film ‘A Growing Exchange’, The Greenhouse
Presentation provisional map to Dutch consul and the film screening ‘A Growing Exchange’. A final map with Good Food Microclimates will be presented at the end of the Expo exhibition period. With alderman Karsten Klein (Municipality of the Hague) we visited the Climate Rescue Unit and Good Food Landscape.