Microclimates Take Over

For the traveling exhibition "NOT out of sight, NOT out of mind", LfM designed a series of microclimates, in which micro-landscapes were applied to household appliances. The household appliances were collected at a waste plant and the inspiration for the mini-landscapes was the natural landscape and the lush moss vegetation of Latvia. The microclimates - small ecosystems that differ from their environment - mimic the local landscape while planting on discarded household appliances and emphasise the difference in scale between waste and the environment. To reduce the effects of climate change, it is necessary to enhance the importance of nature in our daily lives and in our immediate environment

The residency in Cesis, Latvia offered the opportunity to investigate striking features of Latvian nature. Special moss species have been the starting point for the mini-landscapes that were applied to the various household appliances.

The traveling exhibition will take place at three locations in Latvia and three locations in Esland and will last until September 2020.