foto: Marc Heeman


In June 2015 ONTTEGEL art project! took place in The Hague. LfM held a dominating performance for the general public on the Turfmarkt next to the town hall on the Turfmarkt. Together with the public a boring piece of pavement was removed and the depaved area was transformed into an attractive vegetable and herb garden. The performance was also a symbolic statement to demonstrate the necessary absorption of rainwater and preventing heat in the urban environment. 

 Research has shown that The Hague' city centre is the hottest in the Netherlands! Which initially may seem quite nice, but it certainly is not, especially for the health of children and the elderly. Countering this 'heat-eiland' effect can very easily be addressed by removing paving and greening the city.

The Climate Rescue Unit was presented for the first time.
This is a mobile unit with measuring tools, special tools for removing pavement and landscaping and informational materials. The first tiles were removed by Alderman Joris Wijsmuller and Water Authority Marcel Houtzager. 

The art action ONTTEGEL! by the Laboratory for Microclimates was also used by the Hagues Environmental Centre in order to launch of the nationwide operation 'Steenbreek', where people can exchange a tile for a plant. A new art performance and film 'ONTTEGEL!' in The Hague and Portland U.S. is scheduled in October 2015..

To distribute: "The Fitting Tile"
"The Fitting Tile" is a cardboard paving stone of 30 x 30 centimeters, which is the standard for street tiles. You can use this "The Fitting Tile" to see the visual effect when you depave a space in your own environment and replace the tile for a mini-garden by placing the tile with the green side up on your doorstep.Become friends with the Laboratory on facebook ( get free "The Fitting Tile" (collect one personally or have it shipped to you)