Sensometer Climate Station

LFM was invitated by the artist-in-residence Tsukuba Art Centre in Japan to make an art installation in Fureaino-Sato park consisting of a weather house mounted on a antique luggage carrier in which a double film presentation was shown. Prior to the presentation of the project we interviewed visitors who had a special relationship with the park. We asked these visitors to tell stories that reminded of a certain "wind chill" memory to their lives, emotions which literally raised their temperature or gave them goosebumps. 

The interviews took place at locations in the park which were chosen by them and reminded them of their state of mind reflected in their stories. Annechien made sketches using stills from the film that represented their 'wind chill'-memory. Recordings of the sketchings are used for a second film presented next to the recordings of the interviews in the Sensometer Climate Station. 

Gert-Jan has chosen to record all interviews vertically, on the one hand to optimise the use of the available space in the Climatestation, otherwise to accommodate the YouTube generation, who are used to "bad imaging" produced by people holding their phones vertically.