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OasISH Island

a floating oasis for The Hague!
Behind the beach of Kijkduin is a beautiful but hidden dune area with a great diversity of flora and fauna. The International School The Hague, located in this area, has conceived the plan (in cooperation with art organization, the Laboratory for Microclimates, the Wellant College and the ISH Enterprise Association) to realize 'OasISH Island'; an unique art and science project.

 This floating island in the pond in front of the school is equipped with a self-supporting helophyte filter/rainwater system and includes an artificial dune landscape, urban agriculture- and experimental- area for cultivation of edible crops and will serve as a floating oasis for humans and animals. Moreover, the island is equipped with an innovative camera installation that is linked to a system of solar panels and can be viewed by means of an app developed by students. The 7x6 meter island can be pulled to the pier for visits or care-taking of the island.

The Laboratory for Microclimates sees the OasISH Island art project as a perfect cross-over between art, biology and science. LfM has offered a series of 'walk-in' workshops at the school for a period of four years in which teachers and students from GIN, CAS, Art and Science could participate in the development of this specific work of art. An expert group was created to develop the ongoing project. The project has been built for several years and therefore has a sustainable character. The island uses recycled material and gives inspiration for the recycling of building materials in general (skylights).

OASISH Island workshop TEDX Youth

October 2016 LfM was special guest at the International School of The Hague during the TEDxYouth-event. A great opportunity to kick off the “OASISH Island”-project. This art project will be realized in the summer/autumn of 2017 in collaboration with the students. The island consists of a self-regulating ecosystem on which particular vegetables are grown and the surrounding nature plays an important role. During the workshop the portable growboxes were revealed and put into operation. The porta-growboxes will be placed in "parking stations" inside the school building and can be used to provide plants and vegetables outside the school on the OASISH island.

Video of the TEDX Youth workshop;

Microclimate workshop at The International School of The Hague (2014)

The aim of the workshop was to explore and make a microclimate in the vicinity of the school while working as researchers and increasing our understanding of the environment. Where do plants grow well and why? Where is the shade or much sunlight? We have been exploring the region with a new look (literally trough  'laboratory glasses’) so everyday natural and scientific phenomena became visible. Photographs and sketches below are made by the students of ISH:

The close proximity of the school to nature was an ideal starting point for exploring climatically existing microclimates: the soil types, existing plants and insects, wind, sunshine and shade. Depending on the results of our research, final sites where selected. At the first encounter with the environment of the school, we found already microclimates. We studied during the workshops how to analyze climates and how they can be adapted and visualized.