De Onttegel! (DEPAVE!) Challenge

The Onttegel! Challenge was organised for the Association of Insurers in order to present a serious message in an interactive and humorous way. The Onttegel! Challenge was a contest between 8 teams of Dutch insurance companies in which a piece of pavement in the outdoor area of the Spant! Bussum was taken away and attractive mini garden had to be created. 

Using specialised tools like the “brick-puller” and “tile piston” paricipants were tested on their skills of creating strong and ingenuitive teams. Under the watchful eye of a professional jury attractive mini allotments were created using various materials and plants. The teams were judged whether the depaving happened to adequately and if they were using an unique approach and cooperated in a distinctive way? 

In addition, the mini-garden arrangement was judged on the aspects of having a positive impact on the climate; was there much sun or shade and was there a good distribution of rain ?. The winner received from the hands of the jury a golden gravel tile! Afterwards the mini gardens are placed in the various insurance offices in the Netherlands, where pavement was removed again.