Daejeon Metropolitan Museum of Art, South Korea

(Annechien Meier and Joost Suasso)

August 2012 LfM was invited to an international artist in residence program in South Korea (Wongol) and an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of ArtDaejeon in Daejeon. For the museum in Daejeon Annechien and Joost Suasso made a pilot plant with artificial micro climates at the museum; a closed domemicroclimate (igloo), an open deepened microclimate, a North-South gradient microclimate and water and land microclimate (large and small). Visitors were invited to create a microclimate during a performance and were given information in a specially designed tent that was part of the installation.

The results were evident in the course of time (August / November) Photoswere sent by the museum's assistant.

At the same time took place in the gallery Yatoo a photo exhibition of foundmicroclimates in the agricultural village Wongol area location.